What a bad mommy I am that I haven't written in so very long.  Grant has been doing so many things that I am goign to forget to write about half of them.  But here goes anyway...

I got in big trouble the other day by Ron because Grant is repeating most of what I say these days.  And although I am very good about not using the sh word or the f word, Ron has decided to ban other four letter words from my vocabulary such as "suck", "hell" and "crap".  And while he does slip from time to time, I am the primary potty mouth in the house so he figures anything that they have learned bad, I am to blame.  So, the other day we were sitting eating some baked chicken.  Grant, like many little kids, loves the legs but will continue to eat after the meat is gone by chewing off the cartilage and sucking the marrow.  I try to curb this because occassionally he will eat the bone, and I figure that can't be good for him.  So once he had cleaned the bone and tried to chew at the cartilage, I took it away from him and told him that the bone was yucky and that he shouldn't eat it.  I told him that I would get him another leg if he was still hungry.  His reply was "Oh. No eat that crap."  I was trying to not wet my pants and hold back the laughter and just say, "Yes, we don't eat that."  All the while, I was getting the evil eye from across the table, albeit, I could see Ron was trying not to laugh, too.  It is sooooooo hard sometimes to just not lose it!

Grant continues to be my sweet little boy, of which I hope never changes.  The other day I told him what a good boy he was and his reply was "thank you mommy".  It was just so nice of him to thank me for saying it.  I guess it might just be chalked up to him using his good manners, but still.  He surprised me also when I said "Oh no!" because Xander had crawled up on the table (again).  He pats my hand and says, "Don't worry mommy."  I am not sure where he learned that, but it was just so cute and comforting.  I wouldn't expect a three and a half year old to say something like that.

Grant has been relating Ron and myself to characters in his movies and cartoons these days.  He is working on the associations between people and he will point to one and say "mommy", find the man and say "daddy", and if there is a second younger child, it is always "Xander".  What I love about it tho, is that I get to be the heroine in everything or the princess.  And, of course, that always makes Ron my prince charming. ; )

Yesterday was Easter, and Grant now has the hang of looking for Easter eggs.  He was even trying to show Xander how to find them.  However, he was worried that Xander would break the eggs and would try to take them from him to protect the eggs.  We, being exhausted parents, actually colored the eggs on Easter and Grant saw them before we had a chance to hide them. We told him that the Easter Bunny would hide them after he had eaten his lunch.  But he really really wanted the red egg, so I gave it to him to eat.  He has learned to peel the eggs himself, but when he realized that the inside of the egg wasn't red, too, he was very disappointed.  So I took the egg and dunked it in the food coloring so it was pink.  He loved it.  Funny how color matters.

We didn't put a lot of candy in the baskets because we just don't need them to have that much sugar.  However, I did buy some peeps because Grant really loves marshmallows and I figured he would just love peeps.  And of course I was right.  He was so into the toys he got, that he didn't beg for his peeps until last night, and even though it was nearing bed time, I let him have two.  Those two were enough to get him all hopped up on the sugar and he came crashing down right at bed time.  I think I will have to try and remember that trick - if you can just make it through the sugar high, you are set! 

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April 17, 2006
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