Updated November 23, 2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!  A whole page just for you. 

's  30th birthday was this past weekend and Jess decided to throw him a surprise birthday party.  From what I understand, Chris suspected something so she told him that she was having a surprise birthday party at Chadwicks (his choice) and that he was just to act surprised for everyone else's benefit.  In actuality, Jess had planned to have it at Fast Eddies and she told Chris that she just needed to swing by and pick up her tips. 

Since Jess was worried that someone would let the cat out of the bag, she didn't tell a lot of people the venue until the day of!  She was stressing hardcore over the whole thing, but it turned out great.  Jess went over to Fast Eddies earlier in the day to decorate - streamers, balloons, "30" and "happy birthday" signs.  She even got a cake with one of Chris's little kid pictures on it  - courtesy of his mother.  And his mother had made little signs with a bunch of pictures of Chris growing up all over them (Chris with hair!).

So we were all waiting for them to arrive and Jess called to let us know they were arriving shortly.  So she had told us that they were coming in the front.  Then we got another call that said they were coming in the back.  And then they didn't come in for a long time and none of us knew where they were going to be coming in.  We must have looked like we were watching a tennis match - heads looking from one side to the other.  Finally, I spotted Chris through the window and yelled to everyone that they were coming in the front. 
When Chris walked in he was so shocked that everyone was there.  It was greatto see the look of surprise on his face.  He went around saying hi to everyone and said that he knew something was going on but never thought that it would be at Fast Eddies. Kudos to Jess for realizing that! 

Jess had arranged for us to have the dart area and three pool tables.  There were also some platters of food to eat.  And of course, the cake.  I helped by handing out the cake to everyone who wanted some.  And I just have to say, I wanted to hurt
Shanna's fiance (or it is boyfriend, hmmmm) because he said he was trying to lose weight and didn't want any cake.  I asked from where?!? That man is not only attractive, but has a great body!  I do understand you might have to maintain dieting to maintain your good figure, but geez!

For Chris's birthday, Jess got his the coolest gift!  He opened up a huge box and it was a remote control car, which he was pretty psyched about.  But attached to it was a brochure for the Richard Petty Driving Experience!  That is sooooooo great.  I told him
Ron owe's me a day at the track and if he wants company, I would go with him for my day at the track.  That would be so much fun!

Anyway, it was a great evening.  I shot pool for quite a while with Ron,
Dante, and some of their coworkers who were absolutely hilarious.  We were playing cut throat and it was really cut throat, in a friendly sort of smack talking way.  After a while, I decided to go and socialize with some other people.  I had a great time talking with Chris's friends.  They are a great bunch of people to hang out with.  I really had a great time as did everyone else.  Can't wait to see what Jess does for his 40th!
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