Updated April 17, 2006
My Mom is finally all finished with chemo and the radiation.  Thank goodness that she made it through it, even though I am sure there are times that she thought she couldn't do it.  Hopefully, she will be cancer-free from now on, but they did say that with the type she had and the type of antigens she has, there is a possibility of it coming back.  So I pray everyday that it doesn't come back.

Grandma is doing well as an eighty-seven year old can do.  She is already asking when we will be coming back out there and I think I disappointed her when I told her I didn't think we would be able to make it out there until the following February.  I will have to play it by ear, but I hope we can do it sooner.  It really brightens her day for us to go and visit.

TC is going to come and visit us sometime in the near future.  Ron and I gave him a certificate for a plane ticket to DC when he wants to come.  We just need to work out the dates.  Ron plans on taking him to a least one concert while he is here, so we are trying to see when there is someone good playing.

Leia got to go to Rome for the first time in January with Kelly on one of his work trips.  I was fortunate enough to tag along thanks to the fabulous Christmas gift from Ron.  They celebrated their birthdays over there (they share the same day) and had a couple of days by themselves before I got there.  It was so much fun hanging out with them.  I wish they didn't live so far away so that we could do stuff like that more.

Adam has finally gotten serious about school and is taking classes and doing pretty well in them.  He has watches all his friends go to school and finish school and now he realizes that he needs to just go do it and get it overwith.  I am hoping to help him some, but am not in the financial position to help as much as when I had first offered to help.

Corrie was out here looking at colleges.  I can't believe she is already graduating.  She has gotten into just about every school she applied to and is now having a hard time deciding.  For me, it was easy - the school offering the most money won.  However, she is getting to see all the schools before hand so it is making her decision really hard.  I tried to offer what insight I had, but in the end, she is going to have a really hard decision to make.

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