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April 17, 2006
It has been forever since I have written.  So very very much has gone on and I haven't put it here at all.  So now I guess I better just give a brief synopsis of everything that has gone on since early January.

My Christmas present from Ron was a trip to Rome with my cousin Leia and her husband.  Her husband does work over there and she was going along because his work people wanted to meet his new wife. She was going to be wandering the city by herself, so I told Ron the only thing I wanted for xmas was a trip to Ron.  Never hurts to ask because that is what I got and it was amazing!  I sure wish that I could have brought Ron with me because simply describing how very amazing it was to see things that were build in the BC makes you really think how small we are in the grander scheme of the universe.  I would definitely go again any time on a trip with my cousin and her husband as they were so much fun and Leia and I are pretty much on the same page all the time.

After I got back, and after missing the Seahawks stop the crap out of the Redskins, I wan't ready for football to be over for the year, but the Superbowl was right around the corner.  It has always been on my life's to do list to go to a Superbowl, so when Ron and I started joking about actually going to the game, and then when I realized I could get tickets, and it was his team v. my team... Well, all the chips fell into place and we decided to suck up the money and just go! And I am soooooo very glad we did.  We had an amazing time and it was truly once
in a life time.  And, honestly, I am not upset we lost because I just wanted us to make it there in my life time!

We got back from the Superbowl and turned around and left for Hawaii and the Pro Bowl.  Ron's dad didn't come with us this time, but his mom and his aunt did.  They were a lot of fun and it was Ron's aunt's first time there.  Fortunately, since his mom had been there several times now, she showed her around so that we didn't have to.  Visiting my Grandma was our primary reason for going there with the boys.  We were lucky that she was feeling well most of the trip so that she was able to come over and we were able to go over there so that she could spend as much time with the boys and she could without becoming exhausted.  She says they make her tired just watching them because they are constantly in motion.  Try chasing after them for 24 hours!  It was a great trip and we are looking forward to going back next year with Ron's nephew and his girlfriend.

We haven't been going much since then since are kind of broke now.  Oh well, all the vacations were well worth it.  We are planning on going to California some time in the near future, tho, because we need to us the certificates for flying the jet planes.  I can't wait.  I talked to one of the guys who runs it and he said that we get to do everything from dog fighting to barrel rolls.  I am sooooooo excited about that.  I have always wanted to be in a jet let alone fly one!  Now if we can just figure out when we are going we will be set! 
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