Updated October 26, 2005
I HATE the drivers in the DC Metro area.  They drive as rudely as the people are in person.  What makes you think that by cutting someone off in traffic will get you to your destination any faster?  OOOOOO!  That three seconds really mattered in the grander scheme of your life.  But what upsets me the most is all the people who fail to pay attention.  I have been rear-ended several times now by people who just plain and simple aren't paying any attention in traffic.  Every time I was at a dead stop.  Not like I drive a tiny little car.  Not like there was adverse weather conditions.  Every time it was because they failed to watch where they were going and were in some big hurry.  Like the jackass who hit me last year when I was eight and a half months pregnant and then wanted to leave even though I told him that I was having stomach pains.  Yes, the stress caused me to have contractions.  Lovely.  And did he say he was sorry?  NO!  He tried to leave on three separate times during the incident because he was in a hurry.  Like his life is more important than mine or where I was going.  And then he tried to lie about it in court!  Said I backed up into him on Rt. 1 during rush hour.  The woman who hit me recently didn't say she was sorry, ask me if I was hurt and tried to get me to admit that there was really no damage even though her license plate numbers were on my bumper!  And then there is the idiot who can't read road signs and insisted that he was allowed to go straight in the turn lane.  He didn't even have the courtesy to move his car out of the middle of the intersection where he was blocking traffic for both streets.  (Albeit, this helped me since it proved he was in the wrong to the police officer who responded to the scene because the jackass wouldn't exchange information.)  Even after the police officer explained to him that he was in the wrong, he called the the rental agency (I had a loaner from my car dealership) to tell them that they owed him money to fix his car.  When the rental car company called me, I laughed into the phone.  After I explained the incident to the person, they laughed, too, and said neither they nor I would be paying a penny. 

People, just please pay attention.  Be courteous and respectful of the people around you.  Remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and use your turn signals to give others a clear indication of your intentions!

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